Stage 1

I have masked off the area I wish to paint, drawn a basic outline and under-painted the surround.

Stage 2

Now I am under-painting the eyes and nose.

Stage 3

Once the eyes and nose were finished, I then started painting strokes in the same direction as the fur would naturally grow (this helps to give shape to the face).

Stage 4

Finished painting.

I added the highlights and finally I painted the whiskers.
All that was left to do was to remove the masking tape and to sign.


This painting was a work in progress for two months, as each stage had to dry before I could start the next. It will take another two months for it to be dry enough to varnish.

I work on several paintings at a time. Moving from one to the other, waiting for them to dry between stages.

I should also mention that I make a few sketches before any painting, to decide which composition I like best.

I hope this has given you an idea of the process involved in completing your commissioned portrait!



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