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Oil on canvas

The oil portraits are painted on chunky studio wrapped canvas, so there is no need for any framing. Some of the close-up canvases are also painted around the side which give a 3D feel. The oil canvases are contemporary, so are ideal for the modern home.


“We were absolutely blown away by the portrait preview we received today. It is
incredible to see our dog looking back at us from what is no longer a photographic
representation – it conveys to us all his personality as we know it.”

“I’m well excited 'cos the pics you sent me earlier of him in progress, were fantastic. I’ve been itching to email you but my family said to 'leave the Artist in peace and she’ll let you know when it’s done'!”

“WOW, you’re good! Not that I am an expert but you have got N... exactly as I see him, wow again.”

“I don’t know if P... said how amazing the 3 portraits are that you have done, but
we are chuffed to bits with them, I think Dad is looking forward to getting some
of the cows and bull done.”


“They are amazing, we will arrange for either us or a family
to collect them. Thanks again, I am speechless!”

“Thank you for doing my lovely portrait of T..., everybody is very impressed with it.”    



Pastel on Ingres Paper

I work from your photographs to give a true likeness and to capture your pet's character. In my opinion, photographs, alone, can never do our pets justice. I use only the finest quality pastels and papers to create a traditional and unique gift or keepsake.







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